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Does Gutter Helmet Really work?

"Before we had Gutter Helmet®, we had to clean the gutters at least 5 times a year."

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Gutter Solutions Plus services the entire Atlanta Metro area
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How Does Gutter Helmet's Solid Gutter Cover Work?

Gutter Helmet's patented leaf guard system starts with a solid gutter cover that keeps leaves out, while letting water flow in through a narrow opening under the cover. The secret lies in the multi-patented nose forward design and ribbed surface which are precision engineered to pull water over and around the solid gutter cover, into a small vertical opening using gravity. The rain water is captured and safely funneled away from your home. Gutter Helmet protects your home's gutters day after day, year after year for the life of your home. Simply put, Gutter Helmet is the best rain gutter cover and the most protective rain gutter protection system available in the world today.

How Gutter Helmet Works

6 Keys to Keeping Your Gutters Free and Flowing

  1. Strengthening Texture† - Withstands Extreme Winds
  2. Ribbed Design† - Improves Surface Tension. Adds Strength & Handles 2x the Heaviest Rainfallon Record
  3. PermaLife™ Coating† - No Chalking. Colors Guaranteed Not to Fade
  4. Nose-Forward Design† - Prevents Leaves, Pine Needles & Debris From Entering
  5. 3/8 Gap - Allows Only Water To Enter The Gutter† Birds and Animals Can't Get In
  6. Customized heavy gauge* - Prevents "Tiger Striping" on your gutters
  7. Exclusive Bracket System† - Holds up-to The Heaviest Snow Falls
  8. Snap Lock Feature† * - Replaces Outdated Damage-Prone Gutter Installations. Prevents Sagging and Wood Rot Caused by Punctured Gutters.
* Home Protection Package
† Awarded 7 Design Patents – Engineered to Last a Lifetime
Approved by Major Roofing Manufacturers

Both Gutter Helmet® and our installation procedures have been approved by major roofing manufacturers.
Your roof and roof warranty are safe with us.

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